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Lily Arkwright sponsors Manchester Film Festival

Manchester Film Festival

Lily Arkwright are thrilled to support Manchester Film Festival 2023 as this years lead partner. MFF showcases the very best UK & international...

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Lily Arkwright Supports Unicef

Supporting Unicef

This year marks Lily Arkwright's 5th year of supporting Unicef during Black Friday building upon our successful 2019 Unicef Halloween Ball partner...

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Lily Arkwright Supports Global Witness

Global Witness

Global Witness brings together the issues of human rights, corruption, the trade in natural resources, the role of banks, the arms trade, conflict...

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Lily Arkwright Award Nominations


Award Winning Jeweller

Proudly nominated for two of the UK's showcase Jewellery awards.

We're thrilled to have been nominated for Showroom Design of the Year by The Retail Jewellery awards committee and also Team of The Year by the Professional Jeweller awards team.


Petite Engagement Rings

What are petite engagement rings?

Compared to traditional styles, petite engagement rings have delicate designs with smaller, frequently more detailed details. These rings emphasise subtlety and grace in their appearance, usually with thinner bands or smaller centre stones. Their understated elegance and minimalist style appeal to people who want a delicate, sophisticated look for their engagement jewellery. Even though they are smaller, they can nevertheless radiate sophistication thanks to elaborate settings, dainty accents, and expert workmanship. Petite rings are a reflection of the current trend in engagement jewellery towards understated elegance and graceful design, appealing to those who value these qualities in their rings.

What is the history of petite engagement rings?

The history of small engagement rings is entwined with shifting cultural preferences and fashion trends. Although the exact origins of petite rings are unknown, they became more and more popular as delicate and minimalist styles evolved over time. Daintier designs gained popularity in the middle of the 20th century due to their elegance and subtlety. However, a cultural shift towards minimalist aesthetics in recent decades has led to a surge in their prominence. Refined, subtle elegance was catered to by cutting edge designs and modern craftsmanship. Petite rings are a modern twist on classic love symbols, appealing to those who want their engagement jewellery to be elegant and understated while also reflecting changing fashion and beauty tastes.

How durable are petite engagement rings?

The durability of petite engagement rings, which have smaller, more delicate designs, can vary depending on the level of craftsmanship, the materials used, and how often they are worn. Though they have a lovely grace, their smaller settings may be more brittle than those of bulkier styles. Little stones may bend, scratch, or come loose from thin bands or detailed embellishments. On the other hand, strong setting methods or resilient materials like platinum can increase their resilience. Petite engagement rings may be made to last a long time with proper care, frequent inspections, avoidance of rough activities while wearing the ring, and the occasional professional treatment.


Celebrity Petite Rings

Gabrielle Union’s petite engagement ring

Dwyane Wade presented Gabrielle Union with an engagement ring featuring a stunning 8.5 carat cushion cut diamond. This remarkable piece emanated sophistication and modern elegance, symbolising their lasting bond through its remarkable size and exquisite craftsmanship, captivating observers with its dazzling brilliance.

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Lillie round or Lulu oval rings

Petite style engagement rings embody a delicate essence, showcasing intricately cut smaller gemstones that exude sophistication. Defined by slender bands and modest central stones, these rings emit a subtle yet captivating charm and grace. Their understated beauty carries a timeless and refined allure, appealing to those seeking an enchanting yet delicately sized ring.