Trust Us, We're Assay Assured & Members of NAJ

Trust Us, We're Assay Assured and a Member of the National Association of Jewellers.

By E Sumner

Buying an engagement ring, or any other piece of fine jewellery, online may seem like a huge risk, however, it doesn't have to be. Through our membership with The National Jewellers Association and holding the Assay Assured trust mark, we have eliminated the risk for online shoppers searching for their dream engagement ring, so you can have confidence and trust in us to deliver ethically sourced, high quality fine jewellery, with honesty and integrity, and feel safe when buying your engagement ring online.

The National Association of Jewellers

We are a member of the UK's leading jewellery trade association, The National Association of Jewellers. Formed in 2015 through a partnership between the British Jewellers Association and the National Association of Goldsmiths, this professional membership body holds over 2000 members, all of whom are companies operating within the jewellery industry.

As a member of the National Association of Jewellers we have been assessed by the associations compliance team to ensure we fit their guidelines. To mark our commitment to our customers, we abide by a strict code of conduct based on honesty, integrity and professionalism. Our customers can be rest assured that all our jewellery is described fully and accurately, we abstain from misleading practice, act ethically and sustainably, and respond to any complaints we may receive in a fair and timely manner.

Holding the National Association of Jewellers coat of arms offers peace of mind, reassurance and confidence to our customers that they will receive outstanding service from a trusted retailer of the highest quality, experience and expertise. Here at Lily Arkwright we are passionate about providing our customers with the highest level of customer service, going above and beyond to ensure we maintain high ethical standards.

To learn more about our membership with The National Association of Jewellers click here.

Assay Assured Jewellery Retailer

As an Assay Assured retailer we can guarantee that we exceed all legal standards of assaying and hallmarking our precious metal jewellery, to provide our customers with the confidence that all our pieces have been audited and tested to provide the highest quality jewellery, true to description, so you can trust that you will receive genuine branded products when buying from us.

Assay Assured have been testing and hallmarking precious metals for over 550 years. The Assay Assured trust mark is the only trust mark specifically for online jewellery retailers, enabling consumers to reduce their risks of encountering counterfeit and fake jewellery when buying online and allowing high quality online jewellers, such as ourselves, to promote our good practice.

The Assaying Process
Assaying is the independent testing of the fineness, also known as purity, of precious metals used for jewellery. When creating fine jewellery precious metals are rarely used in their purest form and instead are alloyed with other metals to create a stronger, workable, yet just as beautiful material suitable for use on fine jewellery. As it's impossible to determine the precious metal content with the naked eye, even experts can't determine metal standards without specialist equipment, assaying is necessary to prove precious metal content in fine jewellery. This involves weighing the metal alloy and recording the precious metal content in parts per thousand. For example, as standard at Lily Arkwright we stock 18 karat gold which equals 750 parts per thousand.

As an Assay Assured retailer all of our jewellery is hallmarked to verify the purity of the precious metal content. Each hallmark includes the sponsor mark, representing who made the piece, the fineness mark, showing precious metal content and the assay office mark, indicating where and when it was made.

The UK is one of the only countries to have statutory hallmarking, which states that by law jewellery cannot be described as being gold, silver or platinum without hallmarking. Independent, third-party Assay Offices are responsible for testing and hallmarking every piece of precious metal jewellery as required by the Hallmarking Act, which, dating back to the 1300's, is one of the oldest forms of consumer protection. We are registered with the Sheffield Assay Office, a centre of expert opinion with more than 245 years of experience, providing our customers with the reassurance that each and every Lily Arkwright design has been carefully tested to ensure the highest quality available and compliant with UK regulations, as supported by our status as an Assay Assured Jewellery Retailer.

To find out more about our status as an Assay Assured retailer click here

If that's not enough to gain your trust or build your confidence to purchase your engagement ring online, we offer an exclusive Lily Arkwright warranty, which you can learn more about here. In addition to this we offer a limited life time warranty for Charles & Colvard Moissanite, Lumoie Moissanite and Chatham gemstones, fully insured free shipping, returns and exchanges for UK orders, with all standard orders being fully refundable within 30 days of receiving the ring. You can also spread the cost of your order over 3,6 or 12 months with 0% interest through Klarna. 

Lily Arkwright are rated five stars on Google, Facebook & Yell thanks to a vast amount of glowing customer reviews, are recommended on various websites including The Royal Bank of Scotland, Nourishing Amelia & Lauren Loves blogs and are preferred suppliers on Rock My Wedding and Jewellery Shopping Guide. If you are interested in any of our fine jewellery you can view our full collection here, or if have any further questions please feel free to call us on 0161 537 6773, alternatively you can email one of our jewellery consultants at