Choosing Your Moissanite Ring
Comparing Cuts

Choosing Your Moissanite Engagement Ring: Comparing Cuts

Perhaps the most important decision when choosing your engagement ring is picking your perfect diamond cut, moissanite is graded exactly the same as diamonds. Contrary to popular belief the cut of the moissanite doesn’t refer to the shape of the gemstone, but to the symmetry and proportions of the stone. This affects the number of facets within each stone, influencing the amount of light reflected and dispersed to create sparkle.

Here at Lily Arkwright we offer an array of cuts and believe that choosing your perfect moissanite should be easy. We’ve summarised everything you need to know about all our cuts to make that big decision as easy as possible.

Brilliant Round Cut

The iconic Brilliant Round dates back to over 100 years ago. This traditional cone shaped cut with a rounded top contains 58 facets, allowing for maximum light reflection making it the best cut for brilliance, fire and, most importantly, dazzling sparkle. Available in many sizes and extremely versatile it’s no surprise this classic and timeless style is the most popular of our Moissanite cuts.

If you’re wanting that extra sparkle, take a look at our Giselle platinum solitaire, with a beautiful shoulder setting, a feature also chosen by Rosie Huntington-Whitely, for her incredible 5 carat shoulder set design. Perfectly showcased in a four claw setting and accentuated with additional conflict free diamonds along the ring’s shoulders, ensuring a breathtaking sparkle from every angle.

Hearts and Arrows

Appropriately named, this cut has 57 facets precisely cut to showcase patterns that look like hearts and arrows, giving the closest real life appeal, to that of a diamond.

The eternally elegant Grace solitaire platinum ring is one of our most popular rings which can be selected with a Hearts and Arrows stone. This exquisite solitaire perfectly showcases Moissanite stones with an impressive 4 prong mount which allows for maximum light to enter the Moissanite centre stone resulting in an extraordinary sparkle.


Rivalling the Brilliant Round, the Oval shaped Moissanite contains 70 facets for sensational sparkle and light reflecting properties to boast brilliance and give the illusion of a larger stone. The perfectly symmetrical cut provides a modern yet timeless style and elongates hands creating a stunning appearance on the finger.

Be inspired by Blake Lively’s engagement ring and take a look at our Macy Petite Pavé Platinum Shoulder Set ring. This sensational solitaire ring exquisitely showcases the Oval Moissanite diamond by a delicate micro petite pave 4 prong mount designed to secure the largest of stones.


This perfectly square stone is the best choice for light and brightness. The 58 facet Moissanite dazzlingly disperses light in all four corners creating a crushed ice effect and producing a beautiful shine.

The modern and chic Lulu white gold solitaire wonderfully showcases the Princess stone on a delicate micro petite plan mount for those wanting a subtle yet glamorous ring.


Combining the classic curves of the oval with the square cut of the princess, the cushion cut has either a contemporary or vintage feel depending on the chosen setting.

It contains 58 facets which are larger in size to allow more light to enter and split into spectacular colours, creating a rainbow effect when it catches the light. Suited to larger stones, the cushion cut is a favourite among celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle.  

The truly romantic Ophelia white gold halo ring is sure to both dazzle and delight. Featuring a stunning Forever One cushion cut centre moissanite stone and adorned with a sparkling halo of G/H SI conflict free diamonds surrounding the centre stone and ring shoulders, this ring’s show stopping design is a must for a bride-to-be who wants to be noticed!


One of the oldest cuts, this traditional and elegant style creates an intense glow. Its unique shape makes the ideal cut for stacking or pairing over wedding bands and makes a smaller carat look larger than it is. This style contains 58 facets, just like the brilliant round.

The pear cut works particularly well with the warmer metals of yellow and rose gold, which brings together contemporary with classic for a traditional look with a modern element, think vintage Margot Robbie. 


Like its name suggests, the radiant cut's main feature is its radiant shine. Rectangular from above with stepped, cut corners.

modern, elegant, eye-catching and similar to a princess and emerald cut. Jennifer Aniston & Drew Barrymore have both opted for beautiful Radiant cuts.


Not just for Emeralds, the emerald cut emerged in the early 20th century, perfect for those inspired by the art deco era. Rectangular in shape with a ‘stepped appearance’ and cut corners, the clarity, brilliance and depth of the 46 facet gemstone is naturally accentuated. Plus the long emerald shape elongates the hand for an extremely flattering look.

The emerald is similar to a radiant in shape, however the real unique feature in this gem comes from the cut, this beautiful gem shines rather than sparkles and embodies everything that is sophisticated class. Emeralds scream luxury and extravagance, Anne Hathaway, Grace Kelly, Beyonce & Sarah Jessica Parker have all chosen this glam cut.


Similar to the Emerald in cut, the asscher cut has a ‘square emerald’ shape. The sophisticated style is a rare choice, offering a unique edge for brides-to-be wanting something a little bit different.

Alike with the emerald, the 65 facet cut doesn’t sparkle, It shines. The sheets of glass within this stone creates a beautiful sheen. Elizabeth Taylor's  Asscher engagement exhibits exuberance, a real classic.


A minimalistic alternative to emerald, this step cut with 26 parallel facets, has a linear look and feel to the design. Its smaller size presents a subtle sparkle and 
lends itself to pairing with other cuts or others of the same design, which means it is great for stacking. Both Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn ooze style and fell in love with the Baguette cut. Why not opt for this style as part of our bespoke package?

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