Lab Created Diamonds

Discover our comprehensive range of stunning certified lab grown diamonds.

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Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

Ethical & Sustainable

Lab grown diamonds are produced in a laboratory and no mining is required.

Exceptional Value

Excellent value, lab created diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds.

Fully Certified

Identical to a mined diamond with the same chemical composition and certified as a diamond.

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What Are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are 100% diamonds, sharing the same chemical composition, optical properties and hardness as mined diamonds.

The only point of difference compared to a mined diamond is the origin. A man made diamond is "grown" under controlled conditions in a laboratory, using advanced technology that replicates the growing process of a mined diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are made up of actual carbon atoms, arranged in the same characteristic diamond crystal structures as natural diamonds. Thus, they perform and exhibit the same brilliance and sparkle as a mined diamond.

Every lab diamond Lily Arkwright set is fully certified and accompanied by an industry standard IGI or GCAL grading report, including the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight specifications.

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How Are Lab Diamonds Made?

The process is very similar to how mined diamonds are formed, one takes place naturally within the earths crust, whilst the other takes place under controlled conditions within a laboratory.

The lab grown diamond manufacturing process replicates conditions that mimic the natural diamond creation process, subjecting carbon to extreme temperatures and pressures.

There are two different methods used to produce lab diamonds, High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Deposition (CVD).

HPHT - A diamond seed is added to a piece of carbon, the carbon is then pressurised to over one million pounds per square inch and heated to temperatures in excess of 1,400 degrees celsius. The carbon begins to form around the diamond seed which is then cooled.

CVD - Similar to HPHT, a small diamond seed is placed inside a sealed chamber, this is heated in excess of 700 degrees celsius and mixed with carbon gases such as methane and hydrogen. Through ionisation plasma is formed resulting in carbon and a new diamond. Heat or irradiation treatments can then be used to enhance the diamonds colour if required.

Typically either process takes less than a month to complete, similar to natural diamonds, cutting and polishing then takes place to achieve that special sparkle.

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Lab Created or Natural Diamonds?

Here at Lily Arkwright we believe this is an easy choice, shop smart, save money and embrace ethical lab grown diamonds.

Choosing a lab grown diamond has a number of advantages over mined diamonds. The environmental impact is much reduced, mined diamonds have a huge impact upon environments, landscapes and communities. It can take in excess 80 tonnes of earth to locate a 1.0ct diamond.

Whilst not all mining is exploitative, why take the chance? All our lab grown diamonds are certified and accompanied by an International Gemological Institute (IGI) or Gem Certificate and Assurance Labs (GCAL) Certificate. You can have complete peace of mind no individual, family or community have been displaced, violated or harmed whilst producing your ring.

Every lab grown diamond we set is better value than a comparable mined diamonds, simply put, choose a bigger or higher quality stone for your budget. Each lab diamond is graded in the exact same fashion as a mined diamond utilising the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.


Lab Diamonds FAQ

Do lab grown diamonds have inclusions?


Yes, lab diamonds have the same variations of clarity and colour that exist in natural diamonds.


Are lab grown diamonds less expensive than mined diamonds?


Lab diamonds are typically 30 - 50% cheaper than mined diamonds. Pricing does vary depending upon cut, clarity, colour and carat size.


Are lab grown diamonds graded and certified?


All Lily Arkwright lab diamonds are fully certified and graded, each lab diamond is accompanied by an IGI or GCAL certificate.


Do lab grown diamonds get cloudy?


No, laboratory grown diamonds do not fade or discolour over time.


Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?


Yes, the only difference between the two is its origin, mined or lab grown.


Can you tell the difference between a lab grown and mined diamond?


Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds and it's impossible to tell the difference between the two with the naked eye.