Hearts & Arrows Cut Moissanite

What exactly is a Hearts & Arrows cut?

The Hearts & Arrows cut is our most intricate cut yet, featured on the worlds premium Charles & Colvard D-F graded, Forever One moissanite stone. A new innovation mastered by Charles & Colvard in 2017.

This phenomenon that was discovered in the 1970s in Japan by Kazumi Okuda, which lead to what is today regarded to be the ‘super ideal cut,’ 57-58 facets are made with the utmost precision, by aligning the facets precisely in three dimensions, this achieves optical symmetry by maximising the light handling potential of the facet arrangement.

The result? Eight beautiful symmetrical hearts and arrows that can be seen when closely examining the gemstone with a special viewer. From the top angle of the crown 8 symmetrical arrows are visible whilst viewing from the bottom perspective, will give you a display of 8 beautifully symmetrical hearts.

Upgrade to a Hearts & Arrows Cut

Hearts & Arrows Cut Upgrades

Our Hearts & Arrows cut stones are available in all our standard ring mounts, select your desired stone cut prior to checkout. No Hearts & Arrows cut listed under your preferred ring style? No problem, just get in touch at hello@lilyarkwright.com or call our dedicated customer service team on 0161 537 6773 and a member of our team will be happy to send you a no obligation quotation.

Hearts & Arrows Availability

The perfect precision Hearts & Arrows cut, is available in the following stone shapes:

Round Cut - between 4.0mm/0.26ct & 12.0mm/6.32ct

Cushion Cut - between 5.0mm/0.60ct to 9.50mm/3.97ct.

At Lily Arkwright we truly love the unique Hearts & Arrows cut. The ultimate upgrade for a sweet & symbolic gesture for the one you love.



Image 1 - Details an excellent cut Hearts & Arrows round gemstone (Left. Hearts, Right Arrows)


Image 2 - Details a poor cut Hearts & Arrows round gemstone

Amour your armour of Platinum or Gold, for yours is a love story that is yet to be told
Cupids strike is a cut that flies high above the rest for this is a heart and arrows that no one can detest
Quite simply put, let your heart fall for our Hearts & Arrows Cut

Hearts & Arrows Key characteristics

When viewing a moissanite or lab diamond it will contain 8 hearts and arrows, we've listed the key characteristics for your reference below:

  • Each gemstone, whether a moissanite, lab diamond or mined diamond will have 8 arrows and 8 hearts.
  • Symmetry – Each gemstone cut will be symmetrical.
  • Every Hearts and Arrows shape is the same size across each gemstone.
  • Shape – Hearts and Arrows will look uniform across the shape and every aspect.
  • Each Hearts & Arrows will be equally spaced.

The H&A cut is a marker of a well cut diamond and the moissanite stone closely resembles a more diamond-like sparkle and appearance. If you want to opt for a diamond alternative and mimic a diamond as close possible, the Hearts & Arrows is a great choice.

We also stock a huge variety of the worlds premium Charles & Colvard Forever One stones in Hearts & Arrows and standard cuts.

Now that you understand what makes a Hearts & Arrows gemstone unique, take a look at the collection.

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