Everything you need to know about yellow diamond engagement rings.

Yellow diamond engagement rings stand as a captivating symbol of love, blending rarity and beauty in a mesmerising hue. Among them, the renowned Tiffany Yellow Diamond Ring shines as an icon of sophistication and luxury. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the allure of yellow diamond rings, explore their rarity, origins, cost, and also compare them with yellow sapphires.

What colour diamond is the rarest?

While white diamonds are the most common, coloured diamonds are significantly rarer. Among coloured diamonds, red and pink diamonds command the highest rarity, followed by blue and green. Yellow diamonds, though more common than their pink and blue counterparts, still possess a captivating scarcity, making them a unique choice for an engagement ring.

Where are yellow diamonds found?

Yellow diamonds are sourced from various regions worldwide, including South Africa, Australia, Brazil, and Russia. The majority of yellow diamonds come from mines that also produce white diamonds. These diamonds derive their yellow hue from the presence of nitrogen during the crystal formation process. These gorgeous Diamonds can now also be cultivated in a lab. 

How much do yellow diamonds cost?

The price of a yellow diamond can vary significantly depending on factors such as size, colour intensity, cut, and clarity. Generally, the more vivid and intense the yellow colour, the higher the price. Yellow diamonds with secondary hues, such as brown or green, may be less expensive. Prices for yellow diamond engagement rings can range from several thousand to millions of dollars for exceptional pieces like the Tiffany yellow diamond rings.

Where to buy yellow sapphire rings

Yellow sapphire rings can be found in various jewellery stores, both online and offline. Reputable jewellers often offer a selection of yellow sapphire rings in different styles and settings. It's essential to ensure the authenticity and quality of the gemstone when making a purchase. A few of Lily Arkwright's stunning yellow sapphire designs can be found here.

 Lily Arkwright’s  Chatham® Oval Cut Yellow Sapphire 950 Platinum Petite Hidden Halo Triple Pavé in the style Coco.

Yellow diamonds vs yellow sapphires

Yellow diamonds and yellow sapphires are two distinct gemstones, each with their own allure and characteristics. Yellow diamonds are formed from carbon under extreme pressure and heat, while yellow sapphires are a variety of the mineral corundum, composed of aluminium oxide with trace elements giving them their yellow colour.

Do yellow sapphires sparkle?

Yellow sapphires, like other sapphire varieties, possess excellent brilliance and sparkle. Their refractive index and crystal structure contribute to their ability to reflect light, resulting in a dazzling display of brilliance and fire. When expertly cut and polished, yellow sapphires can rival the sparkle of diamonds, making them a stunning choice for engagement rings.

Yellow diamond engagement rings exude timeless elegance and charm, symbolising the uniqueness of love. Whether it's the iconic Yellow Diamond Ring or a bespoke creation, yellow diamonds continue to capture hearts with their unparalleled beauty. And for those seeking an alternative, yellow sapphire rings offer a vibrant and alluring option, radiating warmth and joy for a lifetime. Whichever you choose, let your ring be a reflection of your love's brilliance and enduring commitment.