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Lily Arkwright sponsors Manchester Film Festival

Manchester Film Festival

Lily Arkwright are thrilled to support Manchester Film Festival 2023 as this years lead partner. MFF showcases the very best UK & international...

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Lily Arkwright Supports Unicef

Supporting Unicef

This year marks Lily Arkwright's 5th year of supporting Unicef during Black Friday building upon our successful 2019 Unicef Halloween Ball partner...

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Lily Arkwright Supports Global Witness

Global Witness

Global Witness brings together the issues of human rights, corruption, the trade in natural resources, the role of banks, the arms trade, conflict...

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Lily Arkwright Award Nominations


Award Winning Jeweller

Proudly nominated for two of the UK's showcase Jewellery awards.

We're thrilled to have been nominated for Showroom Design of the Year by The Retail Jewellery awards committee and also Team of The Year by the Professional Jeweller awards team.


Solitaire Engagement Rings

What are solitaire engagement rings?

A solitaire engagement ring features a single diamond or gemstone set alone in a metal band without any additional accents or smaller stones. The solitaire setting allows the central diamond to be the focus, showcasing it elegantly with minimal distractions. Solitaire engagement rings most often feature a round or princess cut diamond set in a simple four or six-prong setting made of yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. The solitaire style provides timeless simplicity, allowing the brilliance and beauty of the central gem to truly shine.

While solitaire rings were more popular in earlier eras like the Victorian and Edwardian periods, they continue to remain a classic and popular choice for engagements today. Their uncomplicated design provides versatility to match any style from vintage to modern. For brides desiring an engagement ring that makes a statement with understated grace and dazzling simplicity, a solitaire ring makes a luminous choice.

What is the history of solitaire engagement rings?

The solitaire engagement ring has a long history spanning centuries. Some of the earliest diamond solitaire rings emerged during the late 1400s in Europe among royal and affluent families. These early solitaires featured a single larger diamond designed to prominently display the stone's brilliance. During the 1700s and 1800s, solitaire rings gained wider prominence, still focused on a central diamond, but with ornate embellished shanks and filigree metalwork. By the early 1900s, solitaire rings had evolved to more simple, refined styles that allowed the diamond to take full visual prominence. The Art Deco era continued this trend toward unadorned bands to fully spotlight the centre stone. The solitaire style diamond ring surged in popularity in the mid-1900s after De Beers launched their famous "a diamond is forever" ad campaign, cementing the solitaire's significance as the premier engagement ring style. Today solitaires remain iconic for engagements but span from vintage to modern designs. Their timeless singularity continues reflecting relationships beautifully.

Why are solitaire engagement rings popular to propose with?

Solitaire engagement rings remain one of the most popular options for proposals, thanks to their timeless elegance and dazzling simplicity. A solitaire allows the radiance and beauty of a single diamond to take centre stage without any embellishments or accents competing for attention. This symbolises the one-of-a-kind love between two people. The solitaire diamond's sparkle represents the light and vitality of a couple's love. The purity of a high quality diamond parallels the clarity of their bond. Solitaires also offer versatility to match any bride-to-be's style, from vintage to modern. Their classic style suits those desiring a ring that will remain iconic and distinctive for generations. Finally, the solitaire's clean lines and luminous presence make it ideal for highlighting and complementing the bride's own natural brilliance on her big day. For these reasons, men continue selecting solitaire engagement rings as the perfect representation of their unconditional love and commitment when asking for their partner's hand in marriage.


Celebrity Solitaire Rings

Vanessa Hudgens solitaire engagement ring

Vanessa Hudgens flaunted a dazzling and sizeable engagement ring from her partner, Cole Tucker, in a social media post in January 2022. Featuring a solitaire oval cut diamond set on a thin band, the ring exuded elegance and modernity, capturing the essence of their love.

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Lulu oval or Grace round rings

Solitaire rings, a timeless classic, boast elegance in simplicity. Featuring a single dazzling gem, often a diamond, they captivate with their understated beauty. The solitary stone symbolises unity and focus, making these rings an enduring choice, embodying sophistication and everlasting love in their design.