Finding Your Perfect Wedding Ring

Created: Apr 28, 2021

Finding your Perfect Wedding Ring

Unsure which wedding band you should pick? We’ve done the hard work for you! Read on to see which wedding bands we’ve chosen to match your moissanite engagement ring perfectly. We are proud to offer excellent British craftsmanship with all our rings, providing only the highest quality jewellery.

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Our Serenity moissanite engagement ring is a firm favourite here at Lily Arkwright. Classically romantic, the six prong setting is designed to beautifully secure your centre stone, and its tapered shank serves to create the illusion of a bigger gemstone centre.


Lily Arkwright moissanite serenity engagement ring

Photo Reference: Serenity 1.2ct/7mm Round Cut Moissanite Ring


Our exquisitely crafted Regular Court Wedding Band is a great choice if you’re wanting to establish a contemporary look. With an ultra-smooth surface and available in a range of band widths, this ring sits perfectly beside a Serenity ring. Another option would be the Cecelia Eternity Wedding Band. Adorned with a pavé of gemstones, the Cecelia has a luxurious twinkling effect when worn with another ring. The beauty of a pavé setting is that there is no metal to be seen, forming a seamless row of sparkle. Also available in a range of band widths, so that you can personalize your look depending on the stone size of your current ring. We can help pick the one best suited for you, enquire here for more information:

Full court wedding band Lily Arkwright 2mm

Photo Reference: Full Court 2mm Wedding Band

Welcome to the little black dress of engagement rings. Designed to compliment any wearer, the Grace is the ultimate solitaire moissanite engagement ring. With it’s four prong setting, the centre stone is securely kept in place, but will appear as a larger carat due to its knife edge band. A great way to get the maximum sparkle and shine from your stone, our Grace design is also wed fit, meaning it will fit with most standard wedding bands. No wonder it’s our bestseller! Take a moment to view the amazing 5 star reviews of our Grace ring here.


Grace Moissanite engagement ring Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Grace 1.9ct/8mm Moissanite Ring


Our first recommendation to pair with the Grace is our Aurelia eternity wedding ring. If you’re looking to add more sparkle to your moissanite engagement ring then look no further! This pavé designed eternity band is available in a half or full set of dazzling moissanite precious gemstones.

Another fantastic option would be our D-shaped wedding ring as it matches our Grace's modern design. This ring would fit perfectly alongside it! All of our jewellery is Assay Assured and UK hallmarked, meaning your purchases with Lily Arkwright will be handled with care and finished to the highest of standards. Make sure to have a look at The Telegraph's article on the best places to buy an engagement ring online to read more about us as a company.


Aurelia Lily Arkwright moissanite engagement ring

Photo Reference: Aurelia 0.86ct/2.8mm Moissanite Rose Gold Ring

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The Stylish and Sophisticated Look

This breathtaking ring is the Giselle engagement ring, this design enhances the centre stone by showcasing a pavé set of diamonds along its shoulders. When catching the light, this ring sparkles magnificently, and is best suited to either our Cecelia Eternity or our Plain Regular Court wedding bands.


Giselle Moissanite Diamond Ring Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Giselle 1.20ct/7mm Moissanite and Diamond RIng


The Cecelia features the same pavé setting as the Giselle, complimenting each other perfectly. The Cecelia Eternity band is available in half or full set stones and as it has the same band width as the Giselle, so they will fit flush against one another.

The regular court has a sleek and smooth finish, fantastic at reflecting light for a radiant and bright appearance. The rounded profile of this ring is set all the way around ensuring it is comfortable to wear. A timeless ring, this style is suitable to pair with any engagement ring be that a lab diamond engagement ring or a moissanite engagement ring. The depth for this ring is usually from 2-3mm but is available in thicker widths. If you’re also looking at rings for your partner, this is the perfect choice!


Full court wedding band Lily Arkwright 3mm

Photo Reference: Full Court 3mm Wedding Band


Our latest addition to our Lily Arkwright family is the Lively engagement ring. Flawlessly crafted to include a hidden halo underneath the centre stone, this ring really is a showstopper!

The dazzling shimmer of the centre stone in this ring is accentuated by the micro-pavé set diamonds on the shoulders and halo underneath, the smooth and reflective precious metal chosen compliments any wearer. The delicate prongs of this ring are pointed to make sure the stone is secure and small enough to let as much light let through as possible.


Moissanite lively engagement ring Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Lively 2.30ct/9x7mm Elongated Cushion Moissanite Ring


The perfect matching wedding band we would suggest would be the Cecelia eternity wedding band. Designed with perfect proportions and available in various widths and sizes, the Cecelia is a wonderful choice.


Cecelia eternity wedding band Lily Arkwright moissanite lab diamond

Photo Reference: Cecelia Moissanite and White Gold Eternity Band

The Pretty and Petite Look

The Macy ring is a stunning twist on our Lulu engagement ring, which you’ll see further down our article. Featuring a micro-pavé set on its shoulders, this ring adds sparkle and shine wherever you go. This ring has been designed as a petite style, and so is great for slim hands or shorter fingers creating a delicate feeling when worn. With such a petite band width, we would recommend a petite style wedding ring to pair it with.


Macy Moissanite lab diamond engagement ring Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Macy 1.0ct/6.5mm Round Cut Moissanite Ring


Here at Lily Arkwright, we’d again suggest the Cecelia eternity wedding band which matches the sparkle on the rings shoulders. Available in half set or full set with either moissanite or diamond gemstones, this ring is perfectly suited to the Macy as it also has a micro-pavé setting. Both rings are available in Platinum, 18k White, Yellow & Rose Gold.


The Lillie engagement ring has a knife edge petite band and a six claw setting which is a great option to create the illusion of a bigger centre stone. We love this dainty ring here at Lily Arkwright, which is a traditional tiffany-inspired solitaire ring, suiting all who wear it.


Lillie moissanite engagement ring Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Lillie 1.50ct/7.5mm Round Cut Moissanite Ring


For a classic option wedding band we would advise the plain D-shaped wedding band. This band sits superbly alongside the Lillie ring because the underside of the shank is also a soft D shape.


The Elegant and Enchanting Look

The stunning Eden lab diamond engagement ring is an elegant twist (literally!) on a classic solitaire style, with smaller conflict free diamonds which sit on the shoulders enhancing the beauty of the design, and adding to the radiance of your centre stone. The soft braided style of the Eden ring is one of our favourite features. This particular ring is displayed with a Lab grown diamond, which has the exact same chemical composition as a natural diamond but without any of the harmful practices associated with mining. Lab grown diamonds are a fantastic option to choose that allows you to afford the ring of your dreams, without having to compromise on the brilliance and size of the diamond you want. The lab grown diamonds we source are the world’s best, certified to international standards and come with a complimentary warranty.


Eden and Ivy engagment rings moissanite lab diamond Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Eden 1.0ct/6.5mm Lab Diamond Ring with Ivy Twist Ring both in Yellow Gold 


We have the perfect match for this gorgeous engagement ring with our Ivy wedding band. The Ivy was designed specifically with the Eden in mind, and so features the same twist design and band width. Fitting snugly against each other, these rings are the perfect pairing.  

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The Annora is a beautiful solitaire engagement ring with a twisted basket, securing the centre stone in a totally unique way. When the light hits your moissanite or lab grown diamond centre stone, the refracted light creates an incredible sparkle because the open-style basket which lets all of the light through!  


Annora Moissanite Bridal Set Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Annora 1.50ct/7.5mm Brilliant Round Cut Moissanite Bridal Set


For non wedfit wedding bands, you might want to opt for a shaped band rather than straight. If you choose a straight band to sit next to this ring, it won’t quite sit flush next to it. We’d recommend our Bespoke Design Service, which will ensure you have a ring fit perfectly alongside the Annora. You’ll get to choose what precious metal, width, depth & shape wedding band you’d like with the help of our experienced jewellery consultants. It’s also a great option for anyone with a non-wedfit ring! You can have your current engagement ring scanned and have a custom design created!


The Fashionable and Fabulous Look

Our best-selling Viola engagement ring features an oval centre stone with pointed prongs and dazzling pavé set shoulders. An oval centre stone is an excellent way of elongating your fingers and gives the illusion of a bigger stone, especially with those pointed prongs!


Viola Oval Cut Moissanite Ring Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Viola 1.50ct/8x6mm Moissanite Ring


Want more sparkle? Our Cecelia eternity wedding band would be the perfect choice to sit alongside the Viola engagement ring. Adorned in pavé set stones, it really is a showstopper! A pavé setting is an incredible way of showcasing stones with a minimal amount of metal surrounding it. The Cecelia comes in half or full set eternity, giving you the option to have the stones continue all the way around the ring for the ultimate glitz.


Cecelia Eternity Ring Moissanite Yellow Gold Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Cecelia Eternity Ring in Yellow Gold


If you’re searching for a band which has a more minimal feel, but want to keep your fine jewellery looking flawless, we’d recommend the regular court wedding band as it’s sleek and smooth profile sits alongside the Viola elegantly. With the bottom of the Viola ring’s shank being slightly more boxy, the regular court shaped band will reflect light off it, making your bridal set twinkle in the light.

All of our rings come with global shipping, 30 day exchange/returns policy* and a 1 year warranty, so you can shop at Lily Arkwright with confidence! *some countries are excluded.

An alternative to the Macy ring mentioned above, here you can see our Lulu engagement ring, hand finished with an oval moissanite centre stone. This stunning ring has a rounded petite band and is available in multiple stone cuts, such as brilliant round, emerald, oval, princess and more.


Moissanite Lulu engagement ring Lily Arkwright

Photo Reference: Lulu 2.10ct/9x7mm Moissanite Ring


For your matching band, we’d recommend a plain D shaped wedding band. Now we know we bring this one up a lot, but there’s a good reason for it - this particular ring is our bestseller! As the Lulu engagement ring is also a wedfit design, the Plain D shaped wedding band will sit perfectly alongside it. With its high shine, the wedding band is bound to enhance any ring!

Lily Arkwright Yellow Gold D shaped Wedding band

Photo Reference: D Shaped Wedding Band in Yellow Gold

The Charming and Classic Look

Partner wedding bands

Regular Court Profile Band: This smooth & sleek band is perfect for your partner’s wedding ring. With the rounded profile wrapped around the entire ring, this is sure to be a comfortable choice. Wondering which metal to pick? We’d recommend platinum because it is one of the denser precious metals for strength and is hypoallergenic.


Photo Reference: Different Court Band Widths in Platinum


D Shaped Profile Band: A little different to the regular court profile, the D shaped wedding band is exactly that - D shaped! Much more rounded from the front, as it reaches over into the inner part of the ring, the metal straightens off, creating a D shape. The smooth and shiny surface compliments any wearer, whether it’s worn by itself or with an engagement ring. Coming in a variety of precious metals and band widths, you can decide what would suit you best.  


Yellow Gold platinum D shaped wedding bands

Photo Reference: D Shaped Wedding Bands in Yellow Gold and Platinum


Unsure on what size? Not to worry! We are proud to offer all our customers a complimentary re-size within 30 days of receiving your ring. We also send out ring sizers, so our customers can check their own size within the comfort of their own home, find out more here.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this article, we hope this guide helps you decide which wedding ring would suit you best! 

We look forward to hearing from you!

*On standard collections that are not designated 'made to order'.

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