The History of Kate Middleton's Ring

Kate Middleton's engagement ring holds a significance that extends far beyond its exquisite beauty. Adorning her finger since the announcement of her engagement to Prince William in 2010, this iconic piece of jewellery has a rich and captivating history. The ring, a striking sapphire surrounded by diamonds, once belonged to the late Princess Diana, making it a poignant symbol of love, legacy, and continuity within the British royal family.

Princess Diana ring blue sapphire engagement ring with diamond halo

This article delves into the fascinating journey of Kate Middleton's engagement ring, exploring its origins, design, and the emotions it evokes. From its creation by the esteemed jewellers at Garrard & Co. to its selection by Prince William as a token of remembrance for his beloved mother, the ring weaves a tale of deep affection and profound significance. With its striking blue hue and timeless elegance, the ring has become an enduring symbol of love and devotion, captivating the hearts of admirers worldwide.

Join us as we unravel the story behind this iconic piece of jewellery, tracing its path from past to present and discovering the enduring legacy it holds within the royal family.


Diana’s Ring

princess Diana engagement ring, 12 carat blue oval cut sapphire


This stunning ring selected by princess Diana features an eye watering 12-carat oval cut natural blue sapphire from Sri Lanka. This incredible sapphire is framed by 14 round cut diamonds and the setting was 18-karat white gold. 

Despite the beauty of this ring, there was a little bit of controversy when the ring was originally selected by Diana. It was custom at the time for royals to opt for a bespoke piece of jewellery but this iconic ring was actually featured in the Garrard’s catalogue - a royal jeweller, with some even claiming she picked the ring because it had the largest centre stone available however this is just speculation. The ring was designed by  David Thomas, the head of Garrard's jewellery design department at the time.

This incredible ring cost £28,500 at its time of purchase in 1881. Which is estimated to be over £300,000 in today's economy.  

The Lily Arkwright Diana Ring Blue Sapphire Oval cut Chatham Gemstone with lab grown Diamond Halo

Diana loved the ring so much that she wore it on her wedding day in 1981. She also wore it on many other occasions throughout her life. With many accounts of her wearing the ring even after her separation from King Charles (formally Prince).


Williams proposal to kate


After Diana's death in 1997, the ring was inherited by her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Harry was the legal owner of the ring, but he gave it to William to use when he proposed to Kate Middleton.


Prince William and Kate Middelton engagement, blue sapphire engagement ring
Prince William's proposal to Kate Middleton was a moment of enchantment that captivated the world's attention. With the breathtaking backdrop of Kenya's Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the scene was set for a romantic gesture that would forever cement their love story in history. As they strolled hand in hand under a starlit sky, the prince dropped to one knee, presenting Kate with a stunning sapphire and diamond ring that once belonged to his late mother, Princess Diana. The proposal was a blend of tradition and modernity, symbolising the couple's commitment to each other while honouring their shared legacy. 

The proposal was not only a celebration of their love but also a testament to their compatibility and shared values. The couple's deep-rooted friendship, nurtured over years of companionship, had blossomed into a profound love that would soon unite two families and captivate the hearts of millions around the globe.

Since their wedding, Kate has worn the ring on many occasions. She has also worn it during her pregnancies.

The ring has become a symbol of Kate's love for William and her place in the royal family. It is also a reminder of Princess Diana, who is still loved and admired by many people around the world.