Your Guide to Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

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Diamonds may be a tradition, but for those seeking a unique and captivating engagement ring, blue sapphires offer a stunning alternative. Steeped in history and symbolism, these vibrant gems boast a dazzling brilliance and a touch of the unexpected, making them perfect for expressing your love story.

How do you identify a blue sapphire?

Blue sapphires are instantly recognisable by their mesmerising blue hue, ranging from a deep, royal blue to a lighter, almost celestial sky blue. Unlike some gemstones that rely on treatments to enhance colour, a natural blue sapphire's brilliance comes from trace elements like titanium and iron. However, gemological labs can identify synthetic sapphires or those that have undergone treatments such as heat treatments.

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What does a sapphire engagement ring mean?

Sapphire engagement rings have symbolised loyalty, truth, and nobility for centuries. Ancient Greeks and Romans associated sapphires with Jupiter, king of the gods, representing heavens and wisdom. Sapphire's enduring hardness (second only to diamonds) translates beautifully into a symbol of unwavering love and commitment making sapphires the perfect choice for engagement rings.

Queen Elizabeth II has a long-standing love affair with sapphires. One of her most treasured pieces is the sapphire and diamond suite she received as a wedding gift from her father, King George VI. The suite includes a necklace, earrings, and tiara, all featuring stunning blue sapphires and sparkling diamonds. This particular set has been redesigned and added to over the years, reflecting the Queen's personal style and the evolution of her reign. Her collection extends far beyond this iconic suite, with brooches, bracelets, and other pieces featuring sapphires in various shades and settings. These dazzling jewels are not just beautiful adornments; they often hold sentimental value and have become signature pieces associated with the Queen's remarkable reign. The appearance of sapphires in iconic piece of jewellery has continued with princess Diana's engagement ring.

Are sapphires bad luck?

Are sapphires bad luck? No, this is a misconception! In fact, sapphires are widely considered good luck charms, believed to bring prosperity and happiness. Their association with royalty adds to their aura of positive energy.

How are sapphires formed?

Natural sapphires are formed over millions of years under extreme heat and pressure deep within the earth. However, advancements in technology have led to the creation of stunning lab-grown sapphires. Chatham lab-grown sapphires, for instance, are created in controlled laboratory environments, mimicking the natural growth process. These lab-grown sapphires possess the same chemical and physical properties as mined sapphires, offering a more sustainable and often more affordable option.

What are sapphires made of?

Blue sapphires are a variety of the mineral corundum, the second hardest natural substance next to diamonds. Trace elements like titanium and iron give them their characteristic blue hues.

Are sapphires expensive?

The cost of a blue sapphire engagement ring depends on several factors, including carat weight, colour saturation, clarity, and cut. Natural sapphires can be quite expensive, especially for larger, flawless stones. However, lab-grown sapphires offer a more budget-friendly alternative with excellent quality and ethical sourcing.

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Where to buy sapphire engagement rings

With their growing popularity, many online and brick-and-mortar jewellers offer a wide selection of blue sapphire engagement rings however it is important to look for reputable jewellers who can provide certification for both natural and lab-grown sapphires. Lily Arkwright is the UK’s first official Chatham stockist, meaning our lab grown sapphires are the highest quality and come with Chatham authentication.

With their captivating beauty, rich symbolism, and sustainable options like lab-grown stones, blue sapphire engagement rings offer a truly unique and meaningful way to begin your forever journey.