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Lily Arkwright sponsors Manchester Film Festival

Manchester Film Festival

Lily Arkwright are thrilled to support Manchester Film Festival 2023 as this years lead partner. MFF showcases the very best UK & international...

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Lily Arkwright Supports Unicef

Supporting Unicef

This year marks Lily Arkwright's 5th year of supporting Unicef during Black Friday building upon our successful 2019 Unicef Halloween Ball partner...

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Lily Arkwright Supports Global Witness

Global Witness

Global Witness brings together the issues of human rights, corruption, the trade in natural resources, the role of banks, the arms trade, conflict...

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Lily Arkwright Award Nominations


Award Winning Jeweller

Proudly nominated for two of the UK's showcase Jewellery awards.

We're thrilled to have been nominated for Showroom Design of the Year by The Retail Jewellery awards committee and also Team of The Year by the Professional Jeweller awards team.


Trilogy Engagement Rings

What are trilogy engagement rings?

Trilogy engagement rings, also known as three-stone rings, are symbolic pieces of jewellery that carry a profound meaning. They feature three gemstones set in a row on the ring's band, typically with a larger centre stone flanked by two smaller stones. Each of these stones represents a different aspect of a couple's journey together: the past, present, and future. The centre stone signifies the present moment and the love the couple shares, while the side stones symbolise the past and future, signifying the enduring commitment and the history that brought them together. Trilogy engagement rings are cherished for their sentimental significance and timeless elegance.

What is the history of trilogy engagement rings?

The trilogy engagement ring, also known as the three-stone ring, has been around for over a century. Its design features three stones, typically diamonds, set horizontally in a row. The history of the trilogy engagement ring dates back to the 19th century, where it was given as a gift to symbolise the past, present, and future of a relationship. The popularity of the trilogy engagement ring surged in the early 2000s, thanks to celebrity endorsements and a revival of vintage-style jewellery. Though its design has evolved over time, the trilogy engagement ring remains a classic symbol of love and commitment that continues to capture the hearts of couples today.

Are trilogy engagement rings wedfit?

Trilogy engagement rings, featuring three diamonds, can be wedfit depending on their design. A wedfit ring is crafted with a design that allows it to sit flush against a wedding band without any noticeable gap or spacing. Whether a trilogy engagement ring is wedfit depends on the specific setting and the alignment of the three diamonds. Some designs are meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless fit with a wedding band, while others may require custom adjustments for a perfect match. Couples seeking a wedfit trilogy engagement ring should consult with a jeweller at Lily Arkwright who can guide them in selecting a complementary wedding band or making any necessary modifications.


Celebrity Trilogy Rings

Paris Hilton’s trilogy engagement ring

Paris Hilton's engagement ring, a breathtaking trilogy design from Carter Reum, featured a stunning emerald-cut centre stone flanked by two trapezoid diamonds. This opulent trilogy symbolised past, present, and future, showcasing elegance and grandeur, echoing their timeless love through its exquisite and rare beauty.

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Blossom round or Lovetta round rings

Trilogy engagement rings epitomise eternal love with three stones representing past, present, and future. Often featuring a centre diamond flanked by two gemstones, they symbolise enduring commitment, evoking sentimental significance. This timeless design beautifully encapsulates a couple's journey, embodying love's continuity and profound connection.