Guide to Princess Cut Moissanite Gemstones | Lily Arkwright

Princess Cut

The regal princess cut; perfectly square and effortlessly chic. This gemstone cut is the best choice for light, glamorous engagement rings. 

About The Princess Cut

The first princess cut was carved by Israel Itzkowitz in 1979 – it has since become the second most popular engagement ring cut after the brilliant round cut.

Shape: perfectly square from above, pyramid shaped from the side, square from beneath.

Facets: 57 or 76

Style: modern and chic.

Cut Grading: the large number of facets and pyramid shape make it one of the best cuts for brightness. It dazzlingly disperses light in all 4 corners, enhancing the square shape and giving a delightful shine.

Princess cut gems and square cuts are often the same. As the term “princess cut” is a trademark, you’ll find identical square engagement rings named simply “square” or “square modified brilliance.”

The princess cut is similar to other square cuts, including the rounded cushion cut and rectangular radiant cut. While the other square cuts can have different length ratios, making them more rectangular in shape rather than square, for a gem to be a true princess cut it must between be a 1.00 to 1.05 ratio.

Take a look at our loose gem collection of lab created moissanite to compare the different square cuts.

Princess Cut Moissanite Gemstone Style

Kate Bosworth’s princess cut engagement ring is inspired by 1920s art deco design. It’s a very cool design, featuring a simple platinum band with a large princess cut gem held by 4 prongs. She wears it above a simple platinum wedding band, similar to our Harper Channel Set Platinum Eternity band, studded with Charles and Colvard moissanite.

The square shape of the princess cut makes it ideal for sitting alongside other square or rectangle gems to create a detailed, gem-encrusted look. The princess cut also works well as a simple centrepiece. Take a look at our simple solitaire engagement rings, like the 1.7 ct moissanite princess cut “Rosalee” in rose gold. The mounted lab grown moissanite is held by 4 prongs, allowing light to enter the gemstone from the sides, illuminating the facets and giving a delightful shine.

Many of our lab grown moissanite princess cut gems from Charles and Colvard are DEF grade, the most colourless gems available. You can browse our range of square cut engagement rings online, or arrange an appointment with one of our moissanite fine jewellery experts by contact us at