The Art of the Lily Arkwright Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold has made an exciting comeback in recent years, and has cemented itself firmly as a 2018 jewellery trend favourite, offering fashion conscious jewellery lovers a colourful option for their choice of engagement ring.

This interesting precious metal also known as Russian gold, gets it’s soft romantic tones by adding copper alloys to yellow gold. Unlike white gold, rose gold doesn’t require rhodium plating which makes rose gold equally as durable and long lasting as yellow gold, and, despite its rarity, it is a more affordable option than platinum.

The soft romantic tones of rose gold compliment every skin tone, and offer an unique take on even the most classic of designs. The Lily Arkwright Grace engagement ring, featuring a Charles and Colvard Forever One moissanite solitaire, looks completely different when featured in 18K rose gold when compared to the platinum option.


'A true classic with a unique twist'

Solitaire moissanite engagement ring


'For the more adventurous future bride, Lily Arkwright also feature the ANNORA TWIST, The CELINE and the VIOLA in this dazzling precious metal.'

Moissanite engagement rings UK rose gold

All Lily Arkwright engagement rings and wedding bands are available in 18K rose gold and are beautifully hand crafted in the UK, set with conflict free Charles and Colvard Forever One moissanite stones and precious side stone diamonds. Check out our full range here.

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