Lily Arkwright Jewellery consultancy team has been shortlisted for the prestigious National Association of Jewellers team of the year award!

National association of jewellers shortlist for team of the year award Lily ArkwrightWe’re thrilled that the Lily Arkwright Jewellery consultancy team has been shortlisted for the prestigious National Association of Jewellers team of the year award! 

We are absolutely committed to providing our customers with the gold standard of customer service every single day. Our incredible jewellery consultancy team go above and beyond for their customers, be it orchestrating rush orders to meet changing and tight deadlines, creating an incredible one off design for a customer or guiding them through the sometimes complicated world of fine jewellery. 

In recognition of the incredible dedication of the Lily Arkwright Jewellery Consultancy Team, The National Association of Jewellers has selected The Lily Arkwright team as finalists for their team of the year award. 

The National Association of Jewellers is the leading voice in the jewellery industry in the UK. The National Association of Jewellers defines excellence in the jewellery industry with over 2,000 members all abiding to the NAJ code of conduct. Every member of the National Association of Jewellers trades and practises under the guiding notions of honesty, integrity of professionalism. The high standards of trading, expected as a minimum for NAJ members, only makes NAJ’s recognition of the incredible efforts and professionalism of the Lily Arkwright team even more significant.

Going Above and Beyond:

It's a phrase often spoken, but our team really does offer incredible service and part of this is their dedication to helping customers navigate all the pitfalls when buying ethical lab grown diamond fine jewellery. After all, the process should be effortless and as enjoyable as possible. 

The Lily Arkwright Jewellery consultancy team

Having bought your dream ring you find the ring is a little too tight or loose, not a problem. Every customer is offered a free ring resize within 30 days of their delivery. The free ring resize is a wonderful service used by many of our customers. Finding the perfect ring size for your partner can be a challenging task, especially for those who want to keep their proposal a secret or those who aren’t able to get professionally measured. We want customers to feel confident in their special purchase just in case they haven’t selected the correct ring size.

We also offer 30 days for returns and exchanges on all of our collection rings, helping you to feel confident that your partner will be wearing a ring they will love for a lifetime! 

Radiant cut moissanite and lab diamond loose stones

Our team also creates custom hand mockups for customers allowing them to compare cuts, metal colours and stone sizes. This is just one of the ways our team goes above and beyond to make sure customers feel empowered to take the leap and purchase the lab diamond engagement ring of their dreams. 

So if you’re struggling to make a decision, need a bit of advice or would like to talk through an idea, please get in contact with our team, on the phone, via email or direct message on our social platforms, or on our Live Chat feature. Our wonderful team of jewellery professionals are award winning for a reason, and are here to help.