Lily Arkwright is shortlisted for The Retail Jeweller Store Design of the Year award!

 lily arkwright coloured gemstone and lab diamond uk showroom

In November of 2022 Lily Arkwright made the move into our brand new showroom. Nestled in leafy Didsbury and situated on the first floor of a 19th century gothic mansion, the new showroom was conceived with the customer’s experience in mind. 

An engagement is a significant and important time in people’s lives and Lily Arkwright feels that the experience of buying an engagement ring should reflect this momentous time. 

On approach to the Towers Mansion, you are met with incredible 19th century gothic architecture with red brick, stone turrets and gargoyles welcoming you through the heavy wooden door. When climbing the vast staircase up to the first floor, you are bathed in a rainbow of multicoloured light that seeps through the original stained glass windows. The walls of the towers are adorned with classical artworks, loaned from the Manchester art gallery, rooting the design in the vibrant history of the city. 

 the towers mansion didsbury Lily Arkwright moissanite and Lab diamond showroom

In contrast, the showroom itself is light and airy, with vast bay windows and pale wooden floors. Lighted white cabinets display Lily Arkwright's incredible collection of engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewellery enticing you in to look. The plush pink chairs welcome you to sit down and enjoy the experience.

Here at Lily Arkwright we have strong ethical principles, we believe that beautiful jewellery should be accessible, sustainable, and ethically sourced. With our strong sustainable outlook it was important that this was reflected in all aspects of the business including the showroom. The sustainable credentials of Lily Arkwright was a driving factor in the situation of the showroom in a repurposed building. 

The construction industry accounts for an astonishing 30% of CO2 emissions in the UK, and with the average lifespan of a building being only 30 years, The Lily Arkwright team thought it important to use a repurposed space for the new showroom. Not only are old buildings stuffed full of character and charm, it is also the most environmentally ethical choice. The stunning building however, was not the only aspect of the new showroom that was repurposed. The Lily Arkwright team also made a conscious effort to repurpose existing furniture from the previous showroom where possible. 

The utterly beautiful environment Lily Arkwright has managed to create, is a wonderful thing to experience. Now their renowned customer service has transcended their ecommerce roots and taken on a new form. Every aspect of the customer's experience is carefully crafted and cared for by the incredible team at Lily Arkwright. 

Inside Lily Arkwright ethical diamond moissanite and gemstone rings and fine jewellery Showroom in Manchester In recognition of the experience the new showroom is able to afford its visitors and in acknowledgement of their consistency with the Lily Arkwright ethical and sustainable values, the new showroom has been shortlisted for The Retail Jeweller Store Design of the Year award!

Lily Arkwright is incredibly proud of this achievement, why not come and see the stunning showroom for yourself and experience the gold standard at Lily Arkwright. Book now!

Retail Jeweller of the Year showroom design of the year award, Lily Arkwright