Your Guide to Upgrades at Lily Arkwright!

 Bespoke coco six claw shoulder set design yellow gold engagement ring Lily Arkwright

The Lily Arkwright upgrade packages are a simple and easy way to tweak our collection rings to fit your exact taste, whether you are after the modern look of pointed claws or the extra razel-dazel of a diamond halo. It is really quite remarkable how different a design can look by just adding an upgrade. 

Simply select any of our popular ring upgrade packages and add to cart along with your chosen ring. Once your order is received, our team action your upgrade and be in touch if necessary.

The Difference Between Upgrades and Bespoke Design

At Lily Arkwright we also offer a bespoke design service. The difference between the bespoke design service and the customisations/upgrades is that during the bespoke design process you will work with a bespoke designer to create a completely unique ring from scratch. The upgrades are a more streamlined, simple and affordable way to get that custom look and tweak our collection rings to your taste - making them the perfect option if a collection ring is just a stone's throw away from perfect. 

Let’s explore the upgrade options!

6 Prong Setting

The 6 prong setting is both classic and elegant. This upgrade is relatively self explanatory, if you love a collection ring like the Viola that classically has 4 claws, this upgrade will set the ring with 6 claws, giving it a similar look to the Lillie setting. 

One of the biggest advantages of a six prong setting is that it is very secure. The six prongs hold the centre stone in place making even large center stone very safe. This is especially important if you are planning on wearing your ring every day.

Security is a brilliant bonus, many people opt for the 6 claw setting for purely aesthetic reasons, It is a classic and timeless look. A six prong setting is always in style.

 The Lillie 6 claw solitaire platinum lab diamond engagement ring


Available in two different fonts, the engraving upgrade is a beautiful and relatively inexpensive way of adding that personal and sentimental touch to your engagement ring. 

Engravings are a brilliant way of expressing your unique love story, with many people opting for the initials of their spouse to be, important life dates, or even quirky private jokes. With engravings typically sat on the inside of your ring, this design feature is personal and private. An engraved engagement ring is truly made for you and your partner alone and therefore is incredibly intimate. 
Engraved engagement rings can be a way to pass down a family tradition. If you plan on passing down your fine jewellery to your children or grandchildren, engravings can tell the story of you and your love for generations to come.

Pointed Prongs

Small but mighty - the pointed claw upgrade can make all the difference to a rings design. Pointed prongs are a super chic and modern design feature, first popularised in the early 1900s The setting is characterised by prongs coming to a thin point as opposed to having a rounded edge. Many people regard this look as the more modern alternative to rounded claws. This tweak can really make a difference to your design, and it is this small detail that makes many people fall in love with their ring. 

 Bespoke Viola Oval cut lab diamond engagement ring rose gold lotus leaf diamond set shoulders Lily Arkwright

Invisible Diamond Gallery 

An invisible diamond gallery is similar to a hidden halo but it sits inside of the prongs. An invisible diamond gallery is a pavé of G/H SI natural conflict free diamonds that wrap around your diamond behind the claws adding a support bar to your design. 

Invisible diamond galleries are a relatively new innovation in jewellery design, and they have quickly become popular for their sleek and modern look. This gorgeous feature is visible from the side profile of your ring and is the perfect way to add a little extra sparkle to your ring in a classy and understated way. 


Bespoke shoulder set engagement ring with invisible gallery bar

Double Prong

Double prongs are a type of ring setting that uses two prongs to hold the centre stone in place. This type of setting is often used for larger stones, as it provides more security than a single prong setting; although it looks equally as gorgeous on rings with smaller centre stones.

There are several advantages to using double prongs on engagement rings. Firstly, they provide extra security for the centre stone. This is because two prongs are more likely to hold the stone in place than one prong. Secondly, double prongs can create a more modern or contemporary look. Double prongs are often used in conjunction with other modern design elements, such as a simple band or a pavé setting. 

Bespoke double claw trilogy engagement ring with 9mm brilliant round cut moissanite

Hidden Halo

A hidden halo is a type of engagement ring setting that features a row of small diamonds that encircle the base of the centre stone. The diamonds are set below the centre stone, so they are not visible from the top. This creates an extra pop of sparkle without detracting from the diamond, moissanite or gemstone centre stone.

Hidden halo rings are a relatively new trend in engagement ring design, but they have quickly become popular for their unique and stylish look. The hidden halo is a great way to add a little extra luxury to your engagement ring - after all, most people only get one! 


Lively pink sapphire 8x6mm side view Lily Arkwright

Diamond Pavé Band 

Although the concept of a diamond pavé (setting small diamonds close together to create a "pavement" effect) dates back to ancient times, the modern pavé ring as we know it became popularised in the 1900s. The diamonds are strung together so closely it is designed to look like a continuous string of sparkle.

Pavé diamond bands are very stylish and elegant. The continuous line of diamonds creates a beautiful sparkle that is sure to turn heads. This upgrade is a brilliant way of sprucing up a solitaire with some extra sparkle. At a relatively affordable price point, a pavé upgrade can give you a lot of dazzle for your dollar!


Marquise cut lab diamond engagement ring with shoulder set diamond white gold Lily Arkwright

Triple Pavé 

A triple pavé band is similar to a diamond pavé. It is a type of ring band that is set with three rows of small diamonds on the top and both sides of the band, giving the illusion that the ring is completely encrusted in diamonds. 
The diamonds are set close together, so they create a continuous line of sparkle. This upgrade is one of the most glam options out there, and really elevates an engagement ring from glittery to get-your-sungalsses-on sparkle.

 yellow gold triple pave engagement ring with hidden halo Coco by Lily Arkwright

Knife Edge Profile

A knife edge band is a type of ring band that has a sharp, angled edge. The edge is created by bevelling the inside of the band, which gives it a sleek and modern look. The history of knife edge profile bands dates back to the early 20th century. The first knife edge profile bands were made by hand by skilled jewellers. The sharp edge was originally designed to help the band slide more easily onto the finger.

Knife edge profile bands became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. The bands were seen as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. They were often worn by celebrities and socialites.

Nearly 100 years later knife edge profiles have stood the test of time and are a lovely and elegant upgrade for your ring. They are a brilliant way to get that dainty feeling band, that is still sturdy and suitable for everyday wear!

 Lillie white gold 8mm view

Diamond Pavé Halo

A diamond pavé halo is a type of ring setting that features a row of small diamonds that encircle and frame the centre stone. The diamonds are set close together, so they create a real sparkly presence. Diamond halos became popular in the art deco era with cocktail rings using extravagant designs to catch eyes. Today halos are still a symbol of that classic 20s flamboyance and luxury. 

With many celebrities from Katy Perry, to Millie Bobby Brown and famously Princess Diana opting for the luxurious design. If you are looking for a way to make the most out of your centre stone, a diamond halo is the upgrade for you, with the diamond halo adding approximately 1.00ct to the look of your diamond. 

Bespoke yellow gold lab diamond engagement ring with pave diamond halo

Twisted Diamond Pavé Band 

As seen on our fan favourite Eden ring the twisted diamond pavé looks like two bands wrapped around each other in a double helix-esque formation, one a sleek solitaire and one a pavé set band. 
The twist design of the band adds a touch of playfulness and movement to the ring, while the diamonds add a touch of luxury and sophistication. This is a popular design because not only is it whimsical, you also get the best of both worlds with a half solitaire, half pavé band, beautifully entwined into one. 

twisted vine band engagement ring round cut lab grown diamond Lily Arkwright
Custom Basket Setting

This super sleek 6 claw basket setting is a beautiful and simple basket design. Perched upon the band of your choice this six claw setting is clean and open allowing maximum light into your engagement ring whilst the 6 prongs are able to keep the centre stone extra secure. No fuss, just sparkle!


Open basket setting with 6 claws. Platinum solitaire engagement ring by Lily Arkwright

Two Tone 

The two tone upgrade creates a ring with two metals, yellow or rose gold and either 18k white gold or platinum. Two tone rings stop the warmer metal colour reflecting into your diamond or moissanite centre stone. Opting for a platinum or white gold basket keeps your centre stone looking icy white and super sparkly. This is a great option for people considering diamonds in the D-F colour range as these diamonds are already colourless and therefore could be warmed slightly by a yellow or rose gold band. 


Two Tone Lively Yellow and white gold pave hidden halo engagement rings by Lily Arkwright

Plain Band Width Alteration.

Finally the plain band width alteration. This might seem simple but this alteration can make an engagement ring for you. For those who love the petite designs but want a bit of substance to their ring, this alternation is perfect. Alternatively some people are after that ultra dainty and delicate look and thinning down the width of your solitaire is the perfect way to achieve this!


yellow gold champagne true sapphire round cut solitaire engagement ring from Lily Arkwright