The Daily Mail explores the difference between Lab Diamonds and moissanite with Lily Arkwright

The Daily Mail discusses Lily Arkwright's Lab diamonds

It's eco-friendly, full of shine AND 3X more affordable, but could YOU spot a lab-grown diamond? These socially responsible gems are an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings.

With more of us searching for socially responsible gems, sales of moissanite diamonds and lab grown diamonds have soared. An increasingly popular choice among socially responsible and eco-conscious buyers, moissanite has become the eco-brides new best friend. 

Lily Arkwright is the UK's number one moissanite and lab diamond retailer. Not only are the sustainable engagement rings better for the environment but they can cost up to 90 per cent less than equivalent mined diamond rings.

And the best news? It's almost impossible to tell the two apart, so you don't have to choose between beauty or the planet.