A Guide to Oval Cut Moissanite Gemstones | Lily Arkwright

Oval Cut

While similar to the brilliant round cut, oval cut diamonds and moissanite certainly hold their own allure.

About the Oval Cut

For over a century, the oval cut stone was refined until the 1960s, when the modern oval cut was perfected by master Russian jeweller, Lazare Kaplan.

Shape: oval from above and below, cone shaped from the side

Facets: 58

Style: modern yet timeless

Cut grading: when correctly cut, oval gemstones can reflect light to make the stone appear larger than it really is. Whether it’s mounted portrait or landscape, oval cut stones make ideal centrepieces for engagement rings.

Elongated vs Bowtie: when oval cut gemstones are more circular than oblong, you often end up with a bowtie effect where light bounces around the centre. With longer, less circular oval cut gemstones, the facets often appear much longer than they really are.

Here at Lily Arkwright, we have a fantastic selection of oval cut loose gems, earrings and engagement rings. Compare the dimensions to see how the size and shape of different oval cut stones create different visual effects.

Oval Cut Moissanite Gemstone Style

Oval cut moissanite gemstone is certainly popular with celebrities! Have a look at these 2 contrasting engagement rings to get an idea of what oval cut ring is ideal for you.

Blake Lively’s 12 carat diamond ring features a stunning oval cut gem on a simple rose gold band. It’s a beautiful example of how an oval cut engagement ring can be very romantic with a classical vibe, yet utterly unique and modern in style.

For a similar style ring, take a look at the 3 carat moissanite ring “Viola.” This stunning engagement ring from Charles and Colvard is part of the Forever One range, featuring 18k rose gold and up to 18 glimmering, conflict-free diamonds embedded in the band.

An oval cut engagement ring can also be vintage and chic – like Kirsten Dunst’s engagement ring. Set on a simple, yellow gold band, her oval cut engagement ring has a subtle elegance. As you can see in the “Isabella” 3 carat engagement ring (also from Charles and Colvard’s Forever One range), yellow gold works particularly well with simple, timeless designs.

Regardless of your budget, we can assist you with finding a delightful oval cut engagement ring for your fiancée. For more information regarding oval cut moissanite rings, or to place your order, contact us at hello@lilyarkwright.com.