Diamond Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Diamond Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings

By E Sumner

The tradition of mined diamond engagement rings is fast going out of fashion. With exploitation of workers and environmental devastation which are all serious consequences of diamond mining. Here at Lily Arkwright we recognise the importance of environmental and ethical responsibility within the jewellery industry, which is why we exclusively offer lab created engagement rings that provide an amazing replacement for mined diamonds. The lab growing process ensures the highest quality centre stones for your engagement ring at a significantly lower environmental, social and financial cost. At Lily Arkwright we offer two of the best white mined diamond alternatives for your engagement ring; moissanite and lab grown diamonds.  


Considered as one of the best diamond alternatives, Moissanite is in many ways superior to diamonds, with more brilliance, fire and sparkle. A unique gem with original chemical and optical properties, Moissanite was originally formed in meteorite craters. Extremely rare in nature, scientists discovered an innovative thermal growing process which takes place under controlled laboratory conditions, enabling its formation for use for engagement rings and other fine jewellery. Brighter and more reflective, Moissanite is an amazing diamond alternative with a stunning visual appearance, perfect for brides-to-be desiring unprecedented shimmer and sparkle. Moissanite rates second of all gemstones in terms of hardness, scoring slightly lower than diamonds at 9.25-9.5 on the Mohs scale, making it incredibly durable and a brilliant choice for engagement rings designed to be worn everyday.

At Lily Arkwright we exclusively offer the worlds premium moissanite, Forever One by Charles & Colvard. The best of the best, Charles & Colvard Forever One quality is far above any moissanite on the market today, falling within the internally flawless to very slightly included range. Using a unique patented process to grow the moissanite, Forever One by Charles & Colvard possesses impeccable colour - ten times whiter than standard moissanite - unrivalled cut and clarity, creating a gemstone with exceptional beauty and sparkle. Each Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite stone comes with a limited lifetime warranty that promises your moissanite stone will maintain its fire and brilliance for your lifetime, representing the lifetime of love between you and your partner and guaranteeing your gemstone remains as beautiful as the day you bought it.

For more information about our Moissanite engagement rings, see Our Guide to Moissanite.

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Lab Diamonds

Lab diamonds, also known as man made diamonds, hold identical chemical, optical and physical properties to natural diamonds, making them the closest alternative to natural diamonds. As the name suggests, lab diamonds are created in a laboratory through replicating the high temperatures and high pressure conditions which occur in the Earth's crust where diamonds form. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, displaying the same fire, sparkle and brilliance as natural diamonds, making it impossible to distinguish between the two with the naked eye. These engineered diamonds can be considered more desirable then natural diamonds as they are free from flaws and impurities that are acquired in the formation and mining of natural diamonds. More affordable than natural diamonds with lower environmental impacts yet just as luxurious, dazzling and durable, lab diamonds are perfect for those who want a real diamond without the financial and environmental cost.

All our diamonds are IGI and GCAL certified and come with gem certification so you can be confident that your diamond has been expertly crafted and have peace of mind that your lab diamond meets your specific requirements. For more information on lab diamonds see Our Guide to Lab Grown Diamonds.

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