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Manchester Film Festival

Lily Arkwright are thrilled to support Manchester Film Festival 2023 as this years lead partner. MFF showcases the very best UK & international...

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Supporting Unicef

This year marks Lily Arkwright's 5th year of supporting Unicef during Black Friday building upon our successful 2019 Unicef Halloween Ball partner...

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Global Witness brings together the issues of human rights, corruption, the trade in natural resources, the role of banks, the arms trade, conflict...

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Award Winning Jeweller

Proudly nominated for two of the UK's showcase Jewellery awards.

We're thrilled to have been nominated for Showroom Design of the Year by The Retail Jewellery awards committee and also Team of The Year by the Professional Jeweller awards team.


Trilogy Engagement Rings

What are trilogy engagement rings?

Trilogy engagement rings feature three stones lined up, usually with a larger centre stone bookended by two smaller matching stones on either side. The three stone layout represents the couple's past, present, and future together. The stones are typically all diamonds, but can also mix diamonds with other gems like sapphires or rubies. Trilogy settings include classic linear arrangements as well as more elaborate interwoven and oval cluster designs. While trilogy rings rose to popularity in the late 20th century as an alternative to solitaires, their symbolism of everlasting love and the progression of a relationship continues to resonate with modern couples seeking meaningful engagement ring options.

What is the history of trilogy engagement rings?

The trilogy engagement ring style featuring three stones became popular in the late 20th century as an alternative to solitaires. The three interlocking bands symbolise the couple's past, present, and future together. Though the style's exact origins are uncertain, it gained widespread visibility after De Beers launched their 3-stone 'Trilogy' ring collection in 1995. Their marketing touted the ring's meaningfulness and symbolism, sparking a surge in popularity through the late 90s and 2000s. While not as ubiquitous as solitaires, trilogy engagement rings remain admired for their sentimental significance representing a couple's enduring relationship journey and passage of time together.

Are trilogy engagement rings wedfit?

Trilogy rings, featuring three stones symbolising past, present, and future, aren't inherently wedfit. While some may be designed to sit flush with an engagement ring, not all are specifically crafted for that purpose. Wedfit rings, however, are contoured bands meant to harmonise seamlessly with various engagement ring styles, eliminating gaps between the rings when worn together. While some trilogy rings might be wedfit to complement specific engagement rings, it's not a universal feature. Those seeking a trilogy ring to fit snugly with an engagement ring should explore sets explicitly designed or marketed as both trilogy and wedfit for a cohesive pairing.


Celebrity Trilogy Rings

Paris Hilton’s trilogy engagement ring

Carter Reum crafted a captivating trilogy for Paris Hilton's engagement ring, featuring a striking emerald cut centre stone flanked by two trapezoid diamonds. This opulent trilogy symbolised the path of the past, present, and future, embodying elegance and grandeur while resonating with their enduring love through its exceptional and uncommon beauty.

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Blossom round or Lovetta round rings

Trilogy engagement rings embody eternal love by utilizing three stones to symbolize the past, present, and future. Usually, they showcase a central diamond encircled by two gemstones, representing enduring commitment and carrying sentimental significance. This classic design beautifully encapsulates a couple's journey, reflecting the continuity of love and a profound, deep connection.